Consolidating Communication Practices

Hello everyone

Now that CARES’ website is up and functioning well, we have a robust and easy to access email signup for HMIS on the homepage.  In order to better serve you we’re trying to consolidate how we communicate with our users and managers, we are slowly closing down other social media communication avenues and redirecting everyone there.   

Two weeks ago we closed down our Facebook account, next week we’ll be closing this blog and our google-group.  

If you have not already signed up for the HMIS e-mail list on our website, please do so.  All of the reference and training documents are up and available there as well.

Click here to go to the CARES Website

Thank you and have a lovely day!



Diagnoses Module – Revamp – February 14, 2014

 Anticipated Deployment Date: 2/14/14

The following updates are being made within the Diagnoses feature of the Medical module
For full details on working with these new fields and options, see the following new document in Online Help: Diagnoses Instruction Sheet

Diagnoses – Data Entry
This feature will be converted to an index of diagnosis records.  The index will include sub-sections for each of the following types of diagnoses:

  • DSM-5 – Only if set to display for the agency.
  • DSM-IV Axis I
  • DSM-IV Axis II
  • DSM-IV Axis III
  • DSM-IV Axis IV
  • DSM-IV Axis V
  • Disability – Only if set to display for the agency.

The Diagnoses index will provide users the chance to add new records, and edit, view or delete existing records. This new formatting will enable agencies to keep a historical record of diagnosis records for each client. By default only current diagnosis records will be displayed during the data entry process.  To display the client’s full diagnosis history available on the data entry page, users can uncheck the new Current Diagnoses Only check box on the client selection page.

Current diagnoses records are those with no Resolution Date.

In addition, new fields will be available on diagnosis records.  Diagnosis Date, Code Set, Code, Condition, Onset Date, Comments, Resolution Date, Diagnosed By, Stressor Category, Severity, Duration, and GAF Score will all be available fields for DSM-IV diagnoses. Which of these display depend on the Axis of the diagnosis being worked with. DSM-5 records will have the following fields available: Diagnosis Date, Code Set, Code, Condition, Onset Date, Comments, Resolution Date, and Diagnosed By.  Disability records will have the following fields available: Diagnosis Date, Disability Category, Disability, Onset Date, Resolution Date, and Diagnosed By.

Not all of the fields listed above will be on by default.  An updated Medical Module Implementation Request Form will be made available on the deployment date, which can be used to request changes to the module.

DATA MAPPING NOTE: Any existing data in the Diagnoses feature will be mapped to the revamped module.  All dates from existing records will be mapped over, but if no data is found, the Diagnosis Date and Onset Date fields will be blank. Users will have the opportunity to enter them in the new model. (Note that Diagnosis Date is a required field in the new model.)

Diagnoses ReportBuilder
A new Diagnosis ReportBuilder will be added to the feature, replacing the current reporting view. The Diagnoses ReportBuilder can be used to generate customized reports of client demographics and diagnosis information. A saved report format labeled “Foothold Report – Diagnoses History Report” will be available on the settings page upon deployment.


Message from Foothold about AWARDS Slowness



Message from Foothold about AWARDS Slowness

We know that yesterday many of you experienced excessive slowness and in some cases, an inability to access AWARDS. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused. We know that you rely on AWARDS to always be available and we take that as our most important job. Yesterday, we did not meet our expectations. We discovered the problem was related to the way AWARDS was interacting with one of the many external systems to which we send data. AWARDS was processing the interface too slowly, thus creating a backlog of database requests from other users. This caused the database equivalent of a traffic pile-up. We have resolved this issue and do not anticipate it recurring.
Again, our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience yesterday.

February Training Schedule

The February training schedule for HMIS has been posted to our website.  If anyone in your agency needs training, please follow the link to register!  All training inquaries can go to Claudia at: — (518) 489-4130 x104

If you participate in Health Homes you won’t want to miss this!


From Foothold:

Does your agency have programs that report to Health Homes? Are you doing double data entry into AWARDS and your Health Home platform? We can help!

We are pleased to announce new and improved CMART functionality that will eliminate duplicate data entry for service counts. We will also deploy the State’s most recent updates to the CMART and Patient Tracking System (PTS).

Please join us for a free webinar to learn more about these enhancements. Learn how to harness AWARDS to track all outreach and engagement activities, and create exportable CMART and Patient Tracking files for your Health Home. You’ll also learn about a variety of other tools like the FACT-GP (including automatic score calculations), PHQ-9, and DLA-20 assessments that are available in AWARDS.

The webinar will be held on Wednesday, January 29th at 1:00pm. Please register HERE:

We look forward to having you join us!

User Agreements

Hello folks

I want to remind everyone to read the newly released Policy and Procedure manual. There are several minor but important updates in it and even if you’re not a user but supervise those who are, you will need to know and understand the regulations, policies and procedures. 

Feb 1, my staff and I will be purging user names for whom we do not have a corresponding updated agreement, so it’s important to make sure that everyone on your staff has one in!   You can find it under the Policies and Procedures tab at the top of this page.

Please phone or e-mail me with any questions.  We’re accepting these agreements by scanned e-mail, fax and snail-mail.



Fax: (518) 489-2237

Address: CARES, Inc. 200 Henry Johnson Blvd, Suite 4 Albany NY 12210 C/O Allyson Thiessen



Happy New Year and the Week Ahead

Hi folks

I wanted to let everyone know that I will be out of office Tuesday-Friday this week.  I will be checking e-mail periodically but leave you in the capable hands of my team;

  • Tersha Choy, Data and helpdesk Specialist (518) 489-4130 x101
  • Sue Palmer: Customer Service Representative (845) 616-4894
  • Claudia Vega: Training Specialist (518) 489-4130 x104

Please don’t hesitate to contact these ladies with questions or concerns regarding the database, reporting or training.

Remember, at the end of the week we’re going to start re-running CoC APRs to capture the employment stats; make sure you’ve updated your consumer face sheets with a date within your most recently completed APR cycle before the 10th!  If you have any difficulties with this, please contact Tersha Choy or Sue Palmer for assistance.


New CoC Grant Competition resources have been added to the HMIS User Resources section at

Updating a Client’s HMIS Info: This will walk you through the process of your updates to the consumer face sheet, something that needs to be done at least annually and at discharge.

Missing and Null Data Report NOFA 2013: This will give you the % for questions on the APR and the Project Renewal Application for the NOFA.

Please call us here at the office with any questions! (518) 489-4130 Allyson: x103 Tersha x101


I wanted to let everyone know that AHAR (Annual Homeless Assessment Report) has been successfully competed and sent to HUD.  

It will be some time before we can verify which shells were accepted and get the analysis, at which time we’ll distribute that information.

Thank you to everyone for your assistance, hard work and patience as we completed this important process!


Your Collaborative Applicant has more information and can access all of the individual reports by housing type.



CARES Website re-launch!

Our website has been updated and is better than ever!  Please take a moment to check us out and sign up for any mailing lists you’d like to be a part of 🙂

Also, a reminder that our offices will be closed Thursday and Friday. We’re asking everyone to get HMIS requests for backdating, username updates, etc. in to us today so that we can make sure all users are set for the rest of the week.

Thank you,